Posted on: April 6, 2009


  1. H.B.T.I   ,              KANPUR
  2. I.E.T ,                       LUCKNOW
  3. AKGEC ,                 GHAZIABAD
  4. K.I.E.T  ,                GHAZIABAD
  5. B.I.E.T ,                 JHANSI
  6. M.M.M ,                GORAKHPUR
  7. K.N.I.T ,               SULTANPUR
  8. S.R.M.S ,              BAREILY
  10. G.L.A ,                  MATHURA
  11. M.I.E.T ,             MERRUT
  12. I.M.S E.C ,          GHAZIABAD
  13. A.B.E.S ,              GHAZIABAD
  14. GALGOTIA’S COLLEGE OF ENGG AND TECHNOLOGY,                                                  NOIDA
  15. I.E.R.T ,               ALLAHABAD
  16. R.K.G.I.T ,         GHAZIABAD
  17. S.R.M.C.E.T ,    LUCKNOW
  18. I.P.E.C,                 GHAZIABAD
  20. Dr.K.N.MODI INST. OF ENG AND TECHNOLOGY ,                                                               MODINAGAR(GZB)

for further details you may check http://www.uptu.ac.in



who the hell is this colg. HBTI IS???

my rank is 37000 may I take a good college

are you joking

my genarl rank-32400
OBC rank-8340
mai kaun sa college uptu me pa sakta ho.

@ prashant kumar
all reply to comment will be given on http://fesforyou.com
plz log there

dekh bhai tujhe 1 badhiya coll mile ye paka nahi hai …..par han 1 coll tri rank mai best hai or vo hai anand engg colll agra ..isme tujhe CS ME EE EC BRANCHES MILM JAYENGI

u r allowed to say in such to HBTI only if u qualify for IIT or NIT.it’s a gret college.

Is it the way to pose your querry? Try to be little decent. You may become a very good engineer BUT be a good human being also.

HBIT is Established in 1921, Harcourt Butler Technological Institute is one of the oldest engineering colleges in India. The campus is located in the northern city of Kanpur, nestling harmoniously amongst three other unique educational institutions in the area.

My rank is 12547 in UPTU kindly suggest good college

@ i.p sharma
indraprasth engg college
abes gzb
hindustan agra
annad engg colg agra
krishna engg college gzb

you can get

my genarl rank-32400
OBC rank-8340
mai kaun sa copllege uptu me pa sakta ho.

i have got 54000 rank in aieee
and in ip 7293 rank
plse tell me about best college for engineering
and can i get admission in ip

@ hemant
you may get admission in some private institutes or private universities filled by aieee score.
in ip also you will get private institues

i have got 32400 genearl rank in uptu
and obc 8340 rank
plse tell me about best college for engineering
and can i get admission in uptu.

my rank is 8323 suggest me best college 4 ec

@ gaurav
some colleges in which u can try
1. indrprastha engg college, gzb
2. GLA , mathura
3. ABES engg college, gzb
4. Dr, KN modi engg college, modinagar

My rank is 3966 in UPTU kindly suggest good college

@ anurag
you have chances to get admission in some branches of JSS and galgotia engg college
you can get admission in
krishna inst of engg and technology
ajay kumar garg engg college
raj kumar goel inst of technology

I think besides the govt. aided institutes like HBTI and IET u can recommend Ajay kumar garg institute,Gajiabad then JSS and then GLA….

My rank in uptu is 4000 in AF KOTA plz suggest good college

go for jss

i got 23000 rank in general in uptu and 6200 in obc category
i want computer science can i get some good college
or not
please specify some

@ ankit
you may get computerscience in colleges like
anand engg college, agra
hindustan, agra
ideal inst if tech, ghaziabad
IERT, allahabad

can’t i get any college in greater noida

@ ankit
yes you may get institutes in noida and greater noida too
like iec greater noida
its greater noida
you will get the expected college in offline councelling, you may wait till the offline councelling
thnx for commenting!!

thanku very much

tell me 20 colleges which i can get

to my rank

my friend rank is 80210 in general and 24 000 in obc approx wantsIT can he get some college

@ ankit
yes he will get admission but not in good colleges

is that sure that i can get ideal institute of technology

my aieee rank is 23426
uptu rank 3269 and
ip rank 1782..
recommend me whether i shud prefer U.P. colleges like J.S.S noida ,KIET or I.P. colleges like IGIT(girls) and BVP… if any other suggestions,pls specify…

@ apoorva
instead of apllying for uptu, apply for ip colleges
igit is very gud institute if you get, its realy better
you may also get institutes from aieee in 2nd or 3rd councelling

so according to you ip colleges r better than up colleges..pls tell me which one is better igit or bvp and in case u hv any idea abt the courses i can get there at my rank,pls let me knw abt that also…will i get comp science in bvp or igit?

i secured 29000 rank in uptu plz suggest sum good college….

who the hell has shown thi rank

my rank is 21,ooo in uptu in obc , i can get a good college or not

my uptu rank is 16998 (gen). pcm marks in 12th are 87% in up board.suggest me which college may i get.

you all plz see yur college that may be alloted in uptu offline councelling

my UPTU rank is 19218. so which college can i get

my UPTU rank is 19218. so kindly tell me that which college can i get

nd of which branch

@ aditya verma
ideal ghaziabad
krishna engg college
many other college
you may wait till uptu offline councelling

my UPTU rank is 19218. can i get ABES or Indraprastha college

i have got 335 rank in see-uptu under OBC/girls.
Can i get any goverment college?. Plz reply me, i am very worried

Can you tell me about the 4 new goverment colleges

@ veena
there are chances to get govt. colleges. it will depend on branch you choose.
no new govt. college have been introduced in uptu

my rank is 4800 suggest me good college

@ shanhank
you will get one of the following colleges
krisna inst of technology
ajay kumar garg engg college
raj kumar goel inst of tech

my uptu rank is 4800 suggest me good college

please advise which colleges in Govt./private will be available for me. i am inerested in Govt. colleges. also please tell ranking of colleges

suggest me the expected colleges having gen. rank43985 & obc rank12138

@ anurag
you may get following institutes
ideal inst of tech, gzb
bbdit, bulandshar
and many other colleges

my rank in uptu is 43,ooo (general)
and 1622 ( obc girls)
will u please suggest me good colleges according to my rank .

my uptu rank is 7923 suggest me good college

i hv got 319 rank under obc and girls quota………..can i expect to get admission in hbti,kanpur or iet,lucknow……………plzzzzzzzzz reply soon,,i m very tensed.

i have got 319 rank in uptu under obc and girls quota……..please let me know whether i can get admission in hbti or iet??

@ khusboo
yea there are chances to get admission in hbti or iet
but branch(trade) will matter

i hv also got 11000 rank in ip……..so can u please tell me which is better uptu or ip???

my rank is 131854 suggest me a good college by this rank

I have got 18224 rank in general in uptu and 4780 in obc,can u suggest some good colleges with mechanical in delhi ncr region,placement matters and can i get bbdnitm lucknow plz help and also tell whats the fee of b.Tech in bbdnitm,plz reply i’m really tensed

And when will the online counselling start, plz reply this is very important

my rank 24097 in uptu kindly suggest me good colleges

am ican get top 20 engineering college

thank u so much for ur reply………….m very grateful… so can u please tell me the trades which i can get……..i m more inclined towards electronic engineering

sir i got 172 rank in scaf. Can i get goverment added college or good private college? Plz tell me 10 colleges name which can i get.

@ rajesh kumar
provide general rank??

My rank is 172 in scaf.kindly suggesst me some good colleges which can i get.Can i get gov.added college also.plz tell me 10 good colleges which can i get, for my bright future.plz reply soon i’m wating for your suggestion.

please reply to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..m really dyeing to know

i hv got 117000 in uptu. pls suggest the appropriate college that i can have

My rank is 98000 in gen and 7000 in sc.Which college will i get?

my rank in uptu is 25540 and obc rank is 6740 plz suggest me colleges

my rank is 103657 in gen and in SC 8000 suggest me good colleges

kjhhhkjhi…. i am rajesh rai and i have got 9450 rank in uptu . which college will i get.

@ rajerarajesh
you may get these inst.
abes engg college
bbdit, gzb
Dr. kn modi
kngd gzb

i hav got 22967 in general category and 6039 in obc category …
which wil b the best colleges for me for C.S. branch…for better placement…..reply me sooon……

@ rajnish, gyan
you hav chances to get following institutes
anand engg college
ideal inst of tech

Hello Archit sir!! I have got 6665 rank in see uptu 2009. Please tell me which is the best college that i can get with this rank and which branch?

@ utkarsh
you hav following gud options
1. akgec
2. rkgit
3. abes
4. dr. kn modi
5. gla mathura
6. bbdnitm, lucknow

My gen rank in UPTU is 12855. Neither me nor my parents belong to UP. Can I expect some good collage?? Pls reply……

My state rank in AIEEE is 1513. I am from Uttaranchal. Which college can I expect in my own state?? Pls rply….

@ apoorv
in aieee you have chances to get admission in GKV Haridwar .
for uptu, you may get some good college. it doen matter whether you are from up or not

My gen rank in UPTU is 12860.Neither me nor my parents belong to UP.
Can I expect any good college,if yes pls name them…

i i got 3015 in bc catagory . wich coll will b the best for ec branch.galgotia or akgec or jss or kiet.can i get govt coll.?


i am confused about electronics and comm & electrical and elecrtonics .wich is a vast one .and the best in terms of scope .
is it affected by recession?

@ vineet
sorry to say buddy, since you have 3015 in bc category
you will not get neither govt. college neither college like galgotia, akgec, kiet

my rank is 1990 op .tell me sum gud colleges in which i can get in?????????????????

sir i have got 35000 rank in uptu in general and i am planning to do mechanical engineering…please tell sir which best colleges can i get in ncr region??????

sir my rank is 49475 in uptu, suggest me some good college

My rank in uptu-46689.Suggest me the best college in lucknow, kanpur,mathura range

I have no renk in uptu . but i want aaddmission in B tech please suggest me how I can take addmission .my percentage over all is 57 percent {49.33 in pcm]

i got 52063 gen rank and obc rank is 14500 in uptu-see exam.
suggest me the at least 5 colleges

my rank is 51000 in general and 14500 in obc suggest me some good college.

my genral rank in uptu b.tech is 116276 i want admission in b.tech(cs)please suggest me some good college’s about my rank.

meri rank uptu me 138670 hai scgl me 1837 hai to mujhe kaisa college mil sakta hai……..help me………..

my rank in uptu is 16979 in general and 10973 in ip. tell me best colleges of uptu 4 me and whether i can get admission in ip or not.

i got 40000 rank in uptu so cud i get a gud college .

my gen rank 43483 and 2374 in sc cat

my gen rank is 43483 and 2374 in sc kota plz tell me top 20 coll which i can get according to my rank

sir my rank in uptu is 32517 plz suggest me some good colleges in NOIDA GHAZIABAD

sir igot 47000rank in uptu &2644in sc category suggest me a good college for mechanical

my gen rank is 47000 & 2644 in sc category suggest me a good college for mechanical

my gen rank is 46000 and obc rank is 13003 which colledge is best for me

sir a m getting ec in abes .shud i take it..

also skit in jaipur is hopeful..

but money submittion date in early in abes and jaipur coun result has not yet come.

wat to do ..
can i go for recouns in up ..any risks or i may get a better coll than abes ,,,

perfect answer wid perfect ranking

hi .iam lovekesh.iam selected in galgotias college

sir ,
i had read the questions above … im having a doubt if u plz help me out.. what is IP??? and m presently in +2 n m a domicil of up, also having obc quota, my father is in defence services…
sir plz suggest me upto which rank that i should score to hv the best intitutes under uptu..
thanking you

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